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Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas that will Enchant Your Guests

In the days, leading up to Christmas, there’s always an opportunity to entertain--’tis the season! Between, tree decorating parties, gift exchanges, cozy dinners (we’re allowed a gathering of 15 people, 6ft apart), your dining table is where people make the most memories.

Although there may be fewer people at the dinner table this year, as some family members are opting to not be around older relatives to lessen their likelihood of catching COIVD-19, doesn’t mean you have to skip on the luxe decor.

At Spaces, our Creative Director and Principal Janelle Pantry showcases some memorable Christmas decor spaces that set the scene.

Decking your home involves the tree, the halls and the foyer, lights, and of course the living room--the heart of the home.

White Neutrals with Gold Accents

Janelle recommends, creating your own centerpieces for tablescapes using tapered candles, or playing with the arrangement of vases of different heights


White neutral is ultra-modern and is great for those who want a more luxurious, clean aesthetic.

Traditional Christmas Pine Leaf Motif

Everybody resonates with pine and holly-- the quintessential symbol of Christmas so why not use these rustic, woodsy decorations that naturally scream the holidays. This table is set with wood-plank placemats, layers of candles, and classic red holly and Christmas pine.