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Here's how we get creative to transform our client's visions into realities. We've worked on a range of projects from upgrading homes and offices, styling vacation rentals and staging new developments to prepare them for the market.

Each client has a different style, and we have everything for every style.


Client: Independent Landlord 

Mission: We were tasked with bringing together a turnkey rental property by converting a studio apartment into a warm and inviting space that would appeal to a wide cross section of potential tenants. 

Creating the space: Leading with a contemporary design concept, we pulled from various styles to create a timeless aesthetic.  


The beauty of contemporary design is that it blends a range of styles to deliver a look that is functional and classy to meet the needs of any resident. It reflects the style of the “now” and the future. 


To maximize the small 550-square foot space, we opted to incorporate dual-function furniture such as an ‘apartment scale’ sectional which tucks away a queen-sized pull-out bed. There’s also a lift-top coffee table, which is a convenient place to work or eat while also offering extra storage. 


The whole design is pulled together with large format abstract art and geometric wallpaper in the bedroom for some added character. 

Real Estate Staging

Client: Leading Real Estate Broker 


Mission: Let’s get it sold. With the last remaining units up for sale in this new condominium, the client reached out for a little design magic. And magic we worked to get the two remaining units sold. 

Creating the space: It was all about contemporary neutrals as we created a staging concept that would appeal to most homeowners.  


Our goal was to create a warm and inviting space so that when potential buyers attended viewings, they could truly see themselves living in the home. We used a neutral colour palette to create a look that would effortlessly bring character to any new build. 


Using various shades of grey and beige as the base of this design concept, we added warmth to the space. We also pulled on elements from nature with soft blues and greens to accent the design. The combinations of colours, while neutral in palate, created an inviting aesthetic, so that the newly constructed space would not be cold or sterile. 

Zen Transitional 3 Bedroom Apartment 

Client: Leading Real Estate Broker 


Mission: In 2018, we were tasked with creating a timeless design that would transform this penthouse apartment into a comfortable and luxurious, long-term living space. 

Creating the space: With the goal of creating an elegant space for this client, we went with a transitional design plan – balancing luxury with comfort by mixing traditional and modern styles. Transitional spaces are defined by their tonal, textural, monochromatic, and minimal aesthetic. The design somehow feels both classic and current at the same time. 


Various textural elements like wood, glass, soft fabrics and metal are tastefully incorporated throughout to add visual interest without overwhelming the design. The décor balances masculine and feminine aesthetics for a cohesive style that feels modern and welcoming. 

While the years have passed by, the design continues to stand the test of time – in fact, it looks like it could have been designed yesterday!  

Merging Tastes

Client: Newlyweds

Mission: Marrying of styles. After a few years living together, it was time to put their spin on their fixer upper. Having fallen for this diamond it was time to unearth its true beauty but keep the charm and quaintness that initially attracted the couple to the home. 

Creating the space: Early on it was clear that the couple had two very distinct design aesthetics. The husband was all about clean lines, less is more, modern aesthetic. While the wife had a laid-back, casual transitional style.


The result was a home that was reflective of both personalities. Neutral colour scheme accentuated with shades of blues, layers of texture and walls adorn with authentic Jamaican art. 

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