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Furniture is a service, as much as it is a product.  Our office furniture is commercial grade, durable and stylish and with affordable rental plans, we’ll help you stay agile and efficient.


When you move to a monthly rental option, you get the flexibility of furniture that expands, contracts and changes with your business. You can avoid the hassle of additional facility management and capital expenditure as well as limit the need for storage when you’re ready to move or change the furniture.


We’ll handle the delivery, installation, and removal when you’re ready.


Real Estate

Have a residential property that needs staging? Spaces is the place for you. We’ll furnish your space from top to bottom with all the amenities a guest, renter or potential buyer would want. This includes furniture, artwork, decor pieces, kitchen accessories and bathrooms towels, bedroom sheets, and so much more to give your property that turn-key home appeal.

We’ll help you define your look and feel, create a mood board with potential furniture and decor ideas, and can furnish and stock the property with our end-to-end service package!

We offer real estate staging for:

  • Model Units

  • Long Term Rentals

  • Short-Term Rentals, Including Airbnb’s

  • General Real Estate Showings

Real Estate


We’re setting the stage for real drama by offering set decorators, designers, and stylists a wide range of furniture and accessory rentals for on-camera use and production offices. 


Our team of designers are also on call to help capture the era and style of your set.


Have a unique project you'd like to work on with us? 

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