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The Modern Bathroom, not just form and function

When it comes to great bathroom designs there are endless possibilities. While they are traditionally thought of as utilitarian spaces, the modern bathroom has now become one of the rooms in the home that gets the most spend per square foot and deservedly so. Despite being one of the smaller spaces in the home, bathrooms require deliberate and thorough design planning to achieve the perfect functionality and, if you do it right, gorgeous spa-like aesthetics. From tiles, fittings, lighting, and vanities the list of factors to consider can be exhausting but merging the right elements can create a show stopping space.

If you’re looking to update or renovate your bathroom you may want to start by choosing an overall theme, look or style. Do you want clean, contemporary lines or do you prefer a more plush, luxurious feel? Do you want an ultra-glam look with glossy tiles or a more modern, industrial appearance with lots of glass and metal mixed with matte finishes?

Once you’ve settled on your overall feel you should give careful thought to the existing size and layout of your space. Is it a smaller space that will be overpowered by excessive use of dark woods and cabinetry? If the answer is yes, you may want to pick a vanity and cabinet with lighter finishes and work with a designer to create millwork whose sizes are specifically tailored for your smaller space.

Style alert: free standing stand-alone bathtubs, like the one pictured are absolutely on-trend right now and will multiply your bathroom’s style-quotient by a factor of 10x!

Now that you’ve settled on the perfect style and layout for your updated bathroom the key thing to remember in choosing your fixtures, tiles, mirrors and yes your “throne” is consistency. Make sure each element works harmoniously with the others to create an overall space that is easy on the eye and a joy to be in.

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